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LadiesPlus is Expanding!!!

Not only will you find wonderful fashions and great shopping tips, but we're not going to provide you with informative and helpful advice articles and information!

You don't have to be a large woman to find something interesting at LadiesPlus... You just have live LIFE LARGE!

This site is still dedicated to finding the best of the best.  But, we're not going to limit ourselves...  Just because I'm a large woman, I don't have to limit my life or define myself by that.  I love the best... why stop at finding the best for large woman.  We're going to find the best of live and we're going to work at being OUR VERY BEST! So grab a cup of hot chocolate (or whatever your pleasure) and check out our site. 


GREAT activewear from Junonia!

Click here for $10 off your first order of $50 or more of Junonia plus size clothing for women. Coupon Code: 13522.

Junonia Plus Size Activewear -- New Fall Styles

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Here a just a few of the GREAT things you will find inside!

  Luxurious Lingerie for Full Figured Beauties   Emme Collection




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